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Please tell me whether these sentences are translated correctly. 1)You can buy a new jacket whenever you want. Until then, you can use mine. Neenu hosa jacket yAvAg bek AvAg konDukoLLu bahudu. AshTuvarege, nanna jacket baLasu. 2)From what time to what time do you work? Neevu eshTu hotthinda ehTu hotthu kelasa mAdthira? 3)Whatever happens for good. EnAdru Ago oLLeyadakke Agthade.

4)Whatever God does, he does it for our good. Devaru enAdroo mADthAne nanna oLLeyadakke mADthAne. 5)The hair sticks to the body because of sweat and heat. Koodhalu bevaru mattu kAvu ideya adakke dehakke anTistade. Please correct a sentence if it is wrong. Please reply.

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